Lanyards have many purposes and fulfill a broad variety of business needs. They provide a means of identification, visual confirmation, and an added layer of security. They allow owners to display business logos proudly. They help customers identify an employee’s department and whether or not he is best suited to help them. They provide passive advertising for a company, raising visibility, increasing the chance of business, and providing a starting point for networking and corporate relationships. Below is a list of the many advantages that entail How lanyards ID can conveniently secure your business.

Lanyards can be made with plastic or paper card stock. They can be embedded with chip, swipe, or bar code technology as desired.

Lanyards come standard with a fabric, roped, or chain connection that hangs around the neck or wrist. Variations available include clips for a pocket or lapel and clear, protective covers.

A variety of easy connectors are also available, in permanent or removable forms. These include alligator clip, break-away, lanyard hook, mobile phone holder, retractable badge reel, side release buckle, split ring, swivel, snap swivel hook, and water bottle-style holders.

Technology can be added for limited access and added security. In addition to visual identification by security officers, there are a swipe-able strips, scan-able bar codes, and radio frequency IDs (RFID). This last option is the latest in access security. It is no-contact, scan-able, and highly customizable. It is able to hold far more data and has several layers of encryption to prevent fraud, hacking, and unauthorized entrance.

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In addition to the technical benefits, Printed Ribbon are carefully laser-printed. The latest technology allows lanyard companies to receive or scan a logo and print an exact, clear, attractive replica each time. Raised or embossed printing adds style and functionality, whether the ID part of the lanyard is plastic or paper.

Lanyards have a variety of applications and serve countless industries. In addition to security, these include laboratories, sports, government, military, and trade shows. Lanyards can be made to last for years or be disposal after a couple of days.

Custom lanyards typically come in three sizes: 12 mm, 15 mm, and 20 mm.

Many of the best companies provide related products, including ID holders, printed ribbons (for awards, identification, and causes), wristbands, sweatbands, tickets, cellophane, and other ID and wrapping paraphernalia.

Clients have the option of presenting their own lanyard designs to be printed. Alternatively, they can also work off a pre-designed template, making the process and speed of production far easier on the client.

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